Landing Zone Lights Kits

Landing Zone Lights Kits

Landing Zone Lights (steady or flashing)

  • Battery-powered LED emergency beacon
  • Crush resistant (up to 20,000 lbs)
  • Super Bright (220 lumens)
  • Easy and Safe to use
  • Magnetic
  • Battery Life: 30 hours in flash mode and 10 hours in steady mode
Because the bulbs are LED, they have a 100,000 hr life.
Just lay them them out to provide the emergency landing zone lights.
4 red lights provide the landing zone area and the yellow light indicated wind direction.
They are water tight so you can use them, even in the rain. They are safe to use and they are environmentally friendly. No more getting burned lighting flares, no more toxic kerosene, no more flares that won't stay lit in severe rain and thunderstorms. Always available and easy to use, Simply replace the 4 AA batteries and they are ready to use again.

This landing zone kit comes with:
  • Storage Bag (extra room in bag for other items like GPS, windmeter, etc...)
  • 4 red lights
  • 1 yellow light
  • 5 weighted bases
  • 20 AA Batteries


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