Neutralite Solution for Concrete Burns

Neutralite Solution for Concrete Burns

Concrete Burn Neutralizer

pH Buffering Solution to neutralize concrete burns

Skin Problems & Wet Cement
Cement burns, cement dermatitis, and hexavalent chromium allergies are a major skin health problem suffered by workers that work with wet cement products.
Cement dermatitis and hexavalent chromium allergies are skin diseases.

A new pH buffering solution changes the chemical makeup of cement on contact and prevents painful cement burns, cement dermatitis and hexavalent chromium allergies. Cement burns, cement dermatitis and chrome allergies can literally become a thing of the past.
Neutralite Safety Solution is sold in 32 0z. spray bottles.
Each bottle contains a pre-measured amount of Neutralite crystals.
User fills each bottle with clean water to activate crystals.
User “drench sprays” wet cement contaminated skin as soon as possible And re-sprays after each time of contamination.

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