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OSMO Flood Barrier Absorbants

OSMO: Flood Barrier

Water activated flood protection for personal and commercial property.

The MBT Flood Barrier is a disposable re-usable super absorbent barrier designed to protect homes and businesses from the flow of flood water! The easy to use design and quick to deploy design means it is a great stop-gap solution for long or short-term flash flooding.

  • Super Absorbent
  • Easy Storage
  • Quick Deployment
  • Small & Lightweight
  • Stackable & Re-useable
  • Fast to unroll when needed
  • Can be stacked
  • Protects any threshold
  • Normal garbage disposal
  • Made of 50% recycled materials
  • 5 ft length absorbs 4 gallons or 10 ft lengths absorbs 8 gallons

Flood Barrier

  1. Deploy

    1. Lay the barrier in close contact with the ground and position it at an angle against the expected flow of water to divert. You can also position the barrier in doors or other pathways to block possible access and prevent water entering the places you want to protect.
  2. Activate & Protect

    1. Saturate the Flood barrier with water before the flood hits. Like the other Osmo products, the Flood Barrier uses a super-absorbent polymer that rapidly expands on contact with water. With enough water the Flood Barrier will fully inflate to 3.5in within minutes and lock water in or out with the Flood Barrier’s resilient and watertight barrier.
  3. Re-Use & Dispose

    1. An inflated Flood Barrier can be used for weeks or months as necessary, though it is recommended you swap them out when the water within begins to evaporate in dry weather. Like other Osmo products, Flood Barriers can be thrown in the garbage once they are no longer needed.
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