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OSMO Plumber’s Pad Pro Pack

OSMO: Plumber’s Pad

Super absorbent sheet for catching leaks and drips.

MBT Plumber’s Pads are disposable floor pads designed to protect floors and hard surfaces from water based overhead leaks. Perfect for fitting in spaces buckets won’t fit, the Plumber’s Pad can be left in place to absorb a leak and remain unobtrusive.

  • Made for Tight Spaces
  • Super-Absorbent
  • Durable & Disposable
  • Lay & Leave
  • Super absorbent and durable
  • Highly visible warning graphics
  • Standard waste disposal
  • Made from recycle materials
  • Surfaces made safe from slip hazards
  • Fits where buckets can't
  • Avoids lasting damage from flooding
  • No more wasted time mopping
  • Maintains clean, dry public spaces
  • Barrier backing
  • Each pad absorbs 0.5 gallons. 
  • Five pads per package for a total absorbancy of 2.5 gallons

Leak/Drip Containtment

  1. Place

    1. Simply place the PLUMBER’S PAD, THIRSTY PAD, or THIRSTY SOCK beneath the leak or area where you plan to work, with the plastic side away from the source of the water. When still dry, Osmo products are soft and malleable, able to be placed wherever you might need to use them.
  2. Absorb

    1. No need for repeated mopping with Osmo products, each use a super-absorbent polymer that continues to soak up to half a gallon of water per pad, and even more for the socks. Leave the sorbent in place to protect floors and furnishings until the leak is taken care of, with the sorbent swelling with more water.
  1. Dispose

    1. Once a pad or sock is completely saturated, simply throw them in the trash and replace them.
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