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OSMO Thirsty Sock

OSMO: Thirsty Sock

Super absorbent barrier to catch and contain leaks

MBT Thirsty Socks are a disposable absorbent sock designed to absorb and contain water based leaks and spills on floors and hard surfaces. An easy to manipulate and malleable design lets the Thirsty Sock be set around any spill to keep the leak from spreading.

  • Highly Visible Design
  • Made from Recycled Materials
  • Super-Absorbent
  • Durable & Disposable
  • Fits in spaces where buckets can't
  • No more repeated mopping
  • Prevents slip hazards
  • Each sock absorbs 0.85 gallons
  • Three socks in a package
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642-M001-U-TS-P3-Pack of Thirsty Socks
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